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The effect of ceramic insulator in transmission line

Ceramic insulators in the transmission line effect, ceramic insulator commodity butterfly insulator with a needle type insulator is mainly used for high voltage transmission lines, suspension insulator for high voltage transmission line, ceramic insulator is a kind of special insulation control, can in the overhead transmission line plays an important effect. 

Insulator in the use of often appear inevitable problems representation demand often adhere to the porcelain bottle looks clean and tidy, according to certain methods and measures of its are necessary repair and repair, ensure the porcelain bottle in the use of great value and effect. 

Ceramic insulator fault there may be because porcelain insulator insulation inside the hollow barrel, due to the interference of the strong electric field after the destruction of the air dielectric balance, resulting in the discharge breakdown occurs, it is manufacturer in production, engineering experiment, porcelain insulator made in the middle of the hollow resulting in the appearance, affected the practice of porcelain insulators using life and value. However, our factory production of ceramic insulator has been recognized around the world customers, if you need advice, you can contact us.